We are Generations of Family helping Generations of Families Do Life!

1. Integrity - We will always do what is right; not what is easy, cheap, popular, or convenient. And we will do so without excuse, and regardless of cost.

2. Teamwork - The good of the team comes before personal pride, comfort level, or the agenda of any one individual.

3. Customer - Our Customer is at the center of everything we do!

4. Urgency -We will honor and serve one another and our guests with urgency, because there is power in now, later is too late!

1. Attention to Detail - We are brilliant in the basics and faithful in the "little things." We commit to doing the ordinary things extraordinarily well. We pursue perfection; because in pursuit of perfection we can expect to catch excellence!

2. Team - At Bale, our family believes that Together Everyone Achieves More.

3. Personal Growth - We are students of our industry, working as hard on ourselves as we do on our job. We commit to train; we are trendsetters and will continue to innovate.

4. Profitability - We are good stewards of expense control and aware of our productivity. We will be profitable with the aim to grow our business, provide for our "family" and give back to our community.

5. Ownership - We hold ourselves and our peers accountable with open and honest dialogue. We represent Bale at all times taking ownership of our actions and our families to deliver results.

6. Empowerment - Everyone is empowered to make decisions that result in the utmost customer satisfaction.

7. Alignment to Vision - We work seamlessly together as One! Our focus is on building relationships that will keep our Families coming back for Generations.

8. Customer Interactions - Smile! You are always on stage. We are welcoming and respectful in all interactions. Use proper phrases such as "my pleasure", and "how may I assist you?" and the 10 rule.

9. Service Recovery - Do what's right! We are all responsible for resolving issues. We review the process, learn from our mistakes, see situations through to the end and not point fingers. (Mistakes, Breakdowns, Attitudes, Losses, Exceptions)

10. Feedback - We value feedback (both positive and constructive criticism) to encourage growth and develop relationships. We recognize achievements and celebrate accomplishments. Give and receive feedback graciously, listen with curiosity, be open minded and humble.

11. Safety - Don't be Stupid! Safety and security are everyone's responsibility. In all situations keep our eyes open, resolve and/or report incidents immediately.

12. Brand Ambassador - We model our image and behavior expected of the Bale Family. This extends outside of the workplace and to social media.

13. Communicate the Vision - We keep the Bale Vision alive and vibrant by communicating 'our stories' of living the standards through daily lineup. It is essential that every team member be an active participant.